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02 Feb 2021

Eyelash enhancer - how to use it correctly?

An eyelash enhancer is a cosmetic for special tasks. Although you need to be patient when using it, it is definitely worth it. A good-quality product will help you regenerate your eyelashes. It will strengthen, lengthen and thicken them. The special formula of a serum will make the delicate hair around the eyes darker and stronger. And you will improve your self-confidence.

What do eyelash serums contain?

An eyelash enhancer should not only lengthen and thicken lashes but also nourish and take care of them. However, for a serum to be effective, it must include active ingredients such as:

  • hyaluronic acid - moisturises and strengthens hair from the inside,
  • vitamin B12 - strengthening and protective properties,
  • biotin - prevents eyelash loss,
  • vitamin E - protects hair, e.g. against UV radiation,
  • panthenol - complements the structure of eyelashes and increase their elasticity,
  • glycerin - moisturising and oiling properties - for better hydration and protection of the hair against falling out,
  • allantoin - accelerates the healing of minor wounds around the eyes, e.g. due to dry skin
  • plant extracts - nourish, moisturise and regenerate delicate hair.

In addition to natural ingredients, a good eyelash serum should also contain substances that extend the growth phase of the hair. It is bimatoprost. It has been successfully used in ophthalmology for many years. It is safe for the eyes and effective at the same time. Thanks to it, your lashes will be thick, strong and will gain a deep, natural colour. However, always choose products that have been tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically. Also, make sure to check for a safety certificate before purchasing. Then you will be sure that the cosmetic does not cause allergies and irritations.

Eyelash enhancer - how does it work?

The active ingredients of eyelash serums should strengthen the existing eyelashes. But that is not their only task. They are also supposed to extend the active phase of eyelash growth - which will strengthen and lengthen them. The keratin contained in the enhancers is the natural building block of hair. It works like cement. As a result, more delicate hairs grow around the eye, which will become stronger every day with proper care. That is why eyelash serums are recommended when you have a problem with excessive eyelash loss or when eyelashes have thinned, e.g. due to hormonal changes or a disease. An eyelash enhancer works well as a complementing treatment after eyelash extension or lamination.

Eyelash serum - how to use?

The use of an eyelash serum is neither demanding nor time-consuming. Just a few seconds a day is enough and your lashes will be long and strong. When applying the cosmetic, remember to remove your makeup thoroughly beforehand. There must be no eyeliner or mascara residue on the eyelashes. Always apply a thin layer of the eyelash enhancer on the upper eyelid, along the lash line. Wait for it to be absorbed. Always do the application at night. Use the cosmetic regularly for several weeks. Depending on which serum you choose, you can expect the first results after a few weeks or sometimes just a few days. The best cosmetics guarantee longer and stronger eyelashes after the first 2 weeks of use.

Remember, however, that eyelashes fall out like any other hair. The average period of their growth is 3 months. If you want to enjoy beautiful, long eyelashes and a captivating look forever, you have to repeat the treatment from time to time.

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